Haven’t found a CCC team yet?

My ComCaseCompetition Experience

Are you ready for a unique experience and intensive teamwork, but haven’t found a team yet? Read on!

By Hanin El-Hassan

This January 10 teams, consisting of ambitious graduate students, will be competing to find a solution on how to build a corporate branding proposition in a digital world of interaction for the media company Egmont. Does this sound exciting and do you want to participate but haven’t got a team? It is not too late!

Last year at the November ‘Kick-off event’ for ComCaseCompetition’13, I did not know any of the attendants and was not part of any team. I simply showed up to get the first insights into the competition and meet new people.

At the kick-off event we were introduced to the Matchmaking group on Facebook where we could meet potential teammates – and this is where I found my team.

I contacted three students from Lund University in Sweden who were looking for a fourth person to join their team. With completely different educational backgrounds and different areas of expertise and skills we teamed up and made it to the 10 best teams. A clear advantage was our cultural diversity as a Swede, a Dane, a Lithuanian and a Bosnian. To find a great team requires not being afraid of teaming up with completely strangers and try to focus on how you can complement each other both professionally and personally.

Being selected to be one of the 10 competitive teams and be given the opportunity to show your skills is completely worth it – even though you don’t win. You will be challenged and evaluated, meet new professional people, and will be a unique experience richer. This is why you don’t want to miss this opportunity – so find a team, get prepared, and show the world what you’ve got!

Best wishes and good luck to all of you potential participants – here’s the link again 😉