What, Why, When – about Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a global learning institute where individuals and companies learn about digital communication, group dynamics and change management. The school has campuses and offices in Stockholm, Karlskrona, Manchester, Singapore and New York and runs learning programs and work with clients all over the world. UNGKOM has asked Global Recruitment Manager, Samuel Hedberg, about the school and how you get the opportunity to join the exclusive and international program. 

What type of classes do you offer?

Hyper Island offers classes on many different levels.  We offer both full-time, part-time and intensive training programs. 9 out of 10 students have a job within six months from their graduation. The subject of the programs varies from eCommerce and Digital Data Strategy to Interactive Art Direction and MA Digital Media Management, and they vary from 1-2 years in length. But I think the most important thing is our methodology, which also is the foundation for Hyper Island, as well as the connection to digital, transformative technology.
At Hyper Island learning isn’t contained in a classroom or a course. Learning is a way of life: being constantly engaged, passionate, trusting and curious about the changing world, and learn by doing. We use tools like reflection and feedback to create effective teams and develop individuals. We also believe that working with both the how and the what, the content and the process are equally important.
You can read more about all of our student programs here: http://www.hyperisland.com/programs

How do you qualify to get in to Hyper Island?

We want to support everyone to study at Hyper Island. We are not looking for a specific type of person or one specific competence. Our programs have a varying degree of requirements, but all programs requires you to apply with your solution to the Creative Task, our take on the work sample. The MA level programs also requires a Bachelor degree or similar relevant working experience. We also look at the person and their combination of previous experience and skills, their personal background and will to grow in this industry.

Why are you in Denmark to tell about the school?

We are always returning to markets that are important to us. We currently have many Danish students at Hyper Island, and we want to support even more by being in Copenhagen, and letting people experience a slice of Hyper Island through a creative workshop led by alumni. We also want to take some time to talk about our next upcoming program, The MA in Digital Media Management in Manchester. We also want to take the opportunity to talk more about that we’re starting up a Hyper Island evening course in Copenhagen!

Join the workshop at Kforum on the 25.th of september and get an impression of how you will work as a student at Hyper Island. The event is free.