ComCaseCompetition – an opportunity to solve a real-life communication challenge

One of the many exciting things we do at UNGKOM is being part of ComCaseCompetition together with Djøf and CBS. ComCaseCompetition is an annual event where six teams of 3-5 students compete against each other in attempt to solve a communication issue for a big Danish company. This year’s case company is Novozymes and the theme for the case is “creating better lives without costing the earth”.

If you have never heard about a case competition before we will give you a short introduction here: A case competition is an event where selected teams are given a specific case to solve. Most often, the case is based on a real issue faced by a real company and then the teams are given a short window of time, in this case 24 hours, to come up with a solution. After having worked for 24 hours, a panel of judges will announce the winner, which they believe has come up with the best solution.

Case competitions are a great way for you to challenge yourself, meet new people, and achieve the most crucial thing for landing your dream job… Experience. It is a chance for you to use your education in a real-life setting and hereby test and challenge yourself. As another bonus, you also get to network with other students from different universities and learn from them as you experience their different perspectives on the case.

In ComCaseCompetition you can either apply as an individual or as a group. Our matchmaking group on facebook is an ideal platform for finding other teammates, but should you still choose to apply individually we will appoint you to a team. The winning team will receive 25.000 kr. and a dinner with Mads Twomey-Madsen, Vice President at Novozymes, but all participants have the opportunity to network with a range of agencies, which takes you one step closer to landing a future job. To learn more about our case competition, head over to this site. We hope to hear from you!

As a bonus, one of our writers has previously written an article with 10 great advices for those who are considering joining a case competition. You can read the article here.

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