Get your Twitter right before Social Media Week

By: Karoline Kaae Svendsen

Before you do anything else, go to Twitter and click “follow” at the official Social Media Week account @SMWCPH (because you have already downloaded the Social Media Week app, right?). This article is a list of Twitter accounts that I hope will bring something new, exciting and funny to the table during Social Media Week. The list could go on forever, but I have tried to select the top of the pop. Enjoy.

The place to be

If you could clone yourself and attend all the official and independent events, you would visit over 60 venues all around Copenhagen. Well, dream on, the technology is not there yet. You have to prioritize your time. This list of venues you have to follow on Twitter is therefore also prioritized. 10 is a pretty number, so here we go:

  1. @Gkkbh (Geelmuyden Kiese). Don’t even try to pronounce the name if you haven’t heard a real GK-person say it. “GK” is accepted, but remember a confident attitude when you say it. However, no hand signs needed.

  2. @KomSprog (Kommunikation & Sprog). If you want to freak these people out place a comma before every single “at” in Danish. Or spell “kommunikationsbureau” in two words (Please don’t).

  3. @FalconSocial. They listen and engage, publish, and measure. And hey, they also got a blog!

  4. @Bolius. Even though you live in a rented room outside of Copenhagen, you are welcome at Bolius.

  5. @TV2Danmark. Before you get too excited, Mikkel Beha and his sons won’t be there. Neither will Claudia Rex.

  6. @Bysted. Congratulations with your marriage with ProPeople. You guys are perfect for eachother.

  7. @LederneDK. Boss in plural. Can’t be bad. Or can it?

  8. @DJintweets (Dansk Journalistforbund). They wouldn’t care if Jesus could change water into wine. Coffee is the shit.

  9. @DigitasLBi_DK. For DigitasLBi we are better together. Just like eggs and bacon.

  10. @Adviceas. Name: “Advice.” Slogan: “Spread the word.” Reminds me of “Gossip Girl here, the one and only source into the scandalous lives of…”. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. But still, XOXO.

Be quiet and listen

Now you know the event venues you have to follow, let’s move on to the speakers you have to know and stalk.

  1. @Loriwebb. Lori is a very, very busy speaker during the Social Media Week and hopefully just as busy on Twitter. Go Lori!

  2. @Sandja. Sandja Brügmann will give you the courage to stand out and will tell you how to develop brands people want to stalk.

  3. @Anderswitsel. Anders is an optimistic man. He’ll explain how to get an ROI on 400% on Facebook. Respect.

  4. @Ericziengs. Among thousands of mistakes Eric has picked the 10 biggest mistakes on social media. Sounds even better than watching “America’s funniest home videos.”

  5. @BenjaminElberth. No words needed for this guy. Or should I say guru?

  6. @KV_Villumsen. “Katrine Villarreal” (Isn’t that a football team?). She’ll explain how to control the debate on social media. Good luck with that.

  7. @Troelsj. Troels Johannessen will try to get through to you about how to get through on Twitter.

  8. @Astridhaug. We’ll promise to say that we like you, Astrid!

  9. @MiaLyngeA. Mia Lynge Andersen will spread some LOVE and walk you through the campaign “From Russia with love”.

  10. @OskarDer. Oskar Laug Jensen knows what the youngsters want: memes.

  11. @MorteNordstrom. Morten has promised to leave the puddles for a short break and give us a status on Instagram in Denmark. Spoiler alert: Food pictures are still very popular.

  12. @ThomasBigum. Thomas could easily get RedBull as a sponsor because he’s got wings and lots of energy. The event is called “Q&A”, but you never know with this guy.

  13. @Vestereng. Casper can’t live with just one screen. Minimum two. Otherwise it is not a complete experience.

  14. @AndersStegger. His fame is at such a high level that he’ll speak about how to navigate as a celebrity online. His next step of fame is to get his Twitter account verified.

  15. @NadiaNikolajeva. Nadia is to social media what Emma Gad is to social events. She knows how to behave well.

  16. @NielsTybjerg. Niels uses fancy words like “visualize,” “interpret,” and “utilize” in the event title so the expectations are sky high!

  17. @Tokeroed. Tokeroed is the Dalai Lama of LinkedIn and will spread some inspiration and good karma at the LinkedIn workshop Friday morning.

  18. @RasmusTantholdt og @Skammelsen. Get your weekly fix of fame with the always on time, Poul Erik Skammelsen and the always on the run, Rasmus Tantholdt.

Content is king

  1. @UNG_KOM. Let me introduce you to the very hardworking and handsome content entourage: @NannaElming, @HelenaKristie, @Carosterwald, @LangeJesper, @CasperVahlgren and @MieFalken. They are proud to be the Content Managers of this years Social Media Week, and they definitely should be. Rock on!

  2. @Untolddk. You can’t attend Social Media Week if you don’t follow Untold. It’s like being at Roskilde Festival but never having heard of Orange Scene. Come on. Don’t be that guy.

  3. @Komfo. “Can you BE more social?” Yes. Komfo is all about social media marketing… wait for it… in scale. And of course, they are hosting a networking party Thursday during Social Media Week.

  4. @JyskebankTV. Just to be clear: It is a TV-station with its own bank. It’s just like the cool kids in Copenhagen. They have to be a model/DJ/designer/singer/actor. It’s all about adding stuff to your reputation.

  5. @Berlingske. They handpick news and have done it since 1749. The amount of hands at that place must be uncountable! And the basket with “forgotten gloves” must be huge!


My very well-spoken and even more well-written co-writers at @UNG_KOM are @AndersGyrup, @ElinLinding, @MKeilberg, @TrinePilgaard. We have a lot of good stuff planned for you guys before, during, and after Social Media Week. Stay tuned!

The Twitter Darlings

For me, Twitter wouldn’t be the same without these people. @FrejaEilertzen (Queen of Content. Untold), @NathalieCLarsen (The pretty social media expert in your TV in the morning. Geelmuyden Kiese). @Lassefrom (A funny mix of need to know and nice to know. DR), @JonasJuhler (Does the @Twitologi and we love him for it. Look Curious), @HansTosti (Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe obsession is nothing compared to this. ECCO), @JacobMouritzen (If you like animals on a monday. Mindshare), @DavidLedstrup (Got the 3 S’s right: Strategist, Speaker & Social media advisor. Bigum&Co.) @AKongstad (Created the “Snapkanalen”. TV2 Nyhederne), @listighjort (Also known as Kristoffer Eriksen. Radio24Syv). And last but not least, @MadEhr (Social Media Week wouldn’t exist in Copenhagen without Mads Ehrhardt! Copenhagen Concept & Social Media Week).

Me, me, me

And just to put some pineapple in my own juice (translation needed: “Ananas i egen juice” – an Anders Breinholt expression from “Natholdet”, in case you go to bed at 21 o’clock every night): You can find me on Twitter: @Karoowliine. I must have been drunk when I created my Twitter handle. Well, I was young back in 2010. Luckily I got older and smarter, and created a private Instagram account with a normal name: @KarolineKaae. Add me, and I’ll accept you. See you at Social Media Week.

(Imagine me in a gown with an Oscar): I couldn’t have done this article without Twitter and #Twitterhjerne. Thank you all for inputs for this article. It means a world to me. Thank you. Thank YOU.

About the writer:

Name: Karoline Kaae Svendsen

Twitter: @Karoowliine


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