By: Karoline Kaae Svendsen og Elin Linding Jørgensen


SMWCPH is over for now [insert sad smiley]. But the fun is not quite over. On the basis of a week of intense surveillance we have compiled a list of this year’s archetypes.


The busy bee

You have probably been sitting next to this archetype during the Social Media Week. The one who does not look at the speakers once during a talk because he checks all his apps and checks them more than once. Mails, facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, text messages and many more. You can’t help looking at what he is doing, but you do it very discreet of course. You also wonder if he even listens and remembers anything from the speak. He takes notes once in a while but that is no guarantee.


 The tweetbot

This type is also highly over-represented at Social Media Week. During an event she tweets constantly so called “key points” from the speaker. In fact, she is in such a rush to get the 140 signs out there, that she does not really realise that she just typed “Quality over quantity – rather fewer but relevant updates” and “Content is king.” And by the way, that was her twelfth tweet during the last hour.


The one who ask “questions” (self-promotion time)

This archetype raises his hand as soon as the golden words “any questions?” is said. It might be any speakers’ wet dream that the room is full of raised hands from people who want to ask interesting questions. But as well as speakers during social media week use their presentations as an hour of pitching, as well does the one who asks questions. It is not because he wants to ask an interesting question. Instead, what should have been a question, becomes a long monologue that goes something like this: “I represent xx and my position is xx. I agree with you on bla bla and the way we work strategically with this is bla bla. We also have a lot of experience working with bla bla.” Well, no questions but a whole lot of self-promotion.


The old school

The overall theme of the week is social media, but this guy rocks the old school notebook and a sharpened pencil. After an event the crispy white paper is covered with cool layouted notes. Well, jealousy is a bad thing but you promise yourself to bring a notebook tomorrow.


About the writers:

Name: Karoline Kaae Svendsen

Occupation: Student at HA(Kom), CBS


Name: Elin Linding Jørgensen

Occupation: Student at, IT university



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